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50 x Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Tent Pegs

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Great for securing sod grass, landscape fabric and plastic, fences, tents, tarps, and much more.

These galvanized steel stakes are also ideal for outdoor camping and hiking.
Anchor a tent with these stakes and you will have secure stable shelter.
Strong, durable garden securing pegs and built to last for years to come.
Conveniently pull out the tent stakes with its hook-shaped design.
Secure outdoor holiday decorations from light up pumpkins for Halloween and reindeer statues for Christmas.

You'll have no worries about your tent being blown away on a windy day.

Just prod the metal peg into hard soil with mallet or hammer to drive it into the soil. These garden staples sink deep into the ground, great for securing sod grass, landscape fabric and plastic, fences, garden cloth, hoses, weed barriers, and wires. Ideal for anchoring netting, garden fabrics, twine cloches and other garden structures such as landscaping garden plants. A must-have for a day at the beach to hold down a gazebo and protect you from the sun. Can be used for camping for anchoring tents, canopies, tarps or securing holiday decorations on the ground. While other garden and tent stakes are made of poor material that bends easily, these flower garden and tent stakes are made of heavy-duty

Easy to set the tent and provide extra-secure attachment.

Multipurpose steel pegs that are perfect for anchoring tents, tarps, and canopies at ground level. Could also be used for landscaping or setting up garden decorations and keep them from falling over. The hook prevents the stake from going too deep and unseen. Great for instant cabin setup, tent rope use and camping supplies to have for a quick build. You will not be troubled with a windy night anymore and the fear of an unsecured tent. The curved shape helps add additional support to secure way to mount into the ground.

Strong, durable garden securing pegs and built to last for years to come.

These silver steel tent pegs are good for holding down any tent for an easy camping trip. Helps anchor your largest tents. The steel construction makes these tent stakes easy to penetrate the toughest terrain. Drive it right into the ground or sand and keep your tent from blowing away when you are camping. The strong metal design that can take a pounding that provides enough holding power on any ground surface. Can also be used as garden securing pegs, staples stakes pins for securing garden weed, landscape fabric, groundsheets and fence anchors.